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“Dr Alistair Miller is the best! His extensive knowledge, expertise and skill is exceptional. He is kind, gentle, attentive and thorough. He sorted out my popped sacroiliac joint today after a nasty fall and my back feels great again. Alistair – you are an absolute treasure. Thank you too to the lovely reception team.”

Jackie P, October 2023

Dr Miller repositioned my left sacroiliac joint, which had given me debilitating pain, and dealt with an adductor muscle tear as well.

He has a gentle, straight forward approach, which is perfect if you are not feeling good.

Many thanks for restoring my mobility.

Karen N, March 2022

“Dr Miller anticipated that I might not need further treatment and I’m very pleased to say that I’ve maintained improvement in my knee and the pain is much reduced. I left it until now to ask to cancel my appointment to ensure that all remained ok. 

I am so pleased that I consulted Alistair. He has  provided treatment that is second to none and has restored my independence. Please give him my heartfelt thanks. 

I understand that the pain could return but hope it will be a good few months before I need to seek more treatment.”

JW, Feb 2022

“As a septuagenarian with back problems since I was 18, previous treatments by a variety of practitioners have not been particularly effective or lasting.
My neighbour recommended Dr Miller a few months ago.
I have been very impressed by his expertise in diagnosing and effectively treating my spinal issues. Highly recommended.”

TC, Nov 2020

“Dr Alistair Miller certainly has the healing touch.  You may have to wait for an appointment, but it IS worth it – you know what they say, don’t trust a builder who can start straight away!  So, if you need help, don’t hesitate to ring for an appointment, I am pretty sure you will be glad you did.  I was.”

JR, Nov 2020

“Alistair is extremely good at dealing with neck and back pain, and he helped me by reducing pain and immobility, which was complicated by having quite a history of back and joint problems. He was especially effective putting my sacroiliac joints back in position which I appreciate more than I can say.

He has a very pleasant manner, and you get a warm welcome at reception too. Alistair is extremely knowledgable and completely trustworthy, and I highly recommend him.”

GD, Winchester

“I cannot recommend Alistair highly enough. I have been a patient of his for many years having suffered from chronic neck & back back pain in a variety of forms for over 25 years.

His thorough approach and targeted treatments have helped me to keep mobile which in turn helps keep me at work.”

Having previously tried many other chiropractors and specialists over the years, I feel very fortunate that Alistair’s Romsey practice is local to me. To put it simply, he offers the very best treatment. You will not be disappointed!”


“Thank you for all your valued help.”

“Thank you for keeping me mobile!”

“I have have known Alistair for a long time from a patient point of view and he is wonderful.

My neck and back are my main problems and he has always been able to put me back together. The fact that appointments with him are scarce speaks for his expertise as a chiropractor. He is very kind and gentle with the treatments and I would not hesitate to recommend him. His staff are also very kind and caring and manage to find a space for me via a cancellation. In all a superb Practice to visit, no one like him, thank you Alistair.”

G-EC, May 2020

“Would just like to thank Alistair and Lottie, who works on reception.

I visited Alistair 8 years ago when I was diagnosed with scoliosis. He sorted my back out then and since I’ve not had to visit! Recently with changes to lifestyle my back has become bad again and I visited last week. Alistair’s approach is completely professional, gentle and he is very knowledgeable in his field. I was in some discomfort a few days after and he saw me straight away to check things over and give me further advice.

I also want to thank Lottie who works on reception for having an amazing approach with clients, she is so polite and cannot do enough to help. I believe both Lottie and Alistair go above and beyond for every client.

This clinic is an absolute gem in Romsey and I feel so privileged to live in the local area. I would not see anyone else for my back!”

GP, June 2020

“…a huge thank you for all you have done recently to help my family – my brother, husband, me and especially my dad. You have been so kind and generous with time and expertise and I am very grateful.”

“I wish to thank you for your very sincere and personal assistance. I feel you have gone above and beyond what is expected”

“Alistair has helped me to keep mobile over the years ,before & after back surgery, I have complete faith in him ! There is always a friendly welcome at his clinic. “


“Could I take this opportunity to thank you for all your excellent help with those patients I have referred over the last few years. “

General Practitioner

“I went to see Alistair for the first time last week, having never been to a chiropractor before and was very apprehensive about going. But his pleasant and calming manner and gentle approach to treatment put all my fears to rest, plus the fact that he is highly qualified.

I definitely would recommend him to anyone with leg and back problems etc and won’t hesitate about going again.”


“Alistair keeps my husband, a self-employed plumber, and myself, a desk jockey going. We have been travelling to see him for years and a more gentle, pleasant man you couldn’t hope to meet.

He is the most highly qualified chiropractor that I know. We travel an hour each way to see him whenever we tweak anything and I actually look forward to my appointments because I know I will feel 10 times better when I leave.”


“After the fifth person said I should see Dr Miller, I made an appointment. I had to wait several weeks to see him but it was certainly worth the wait. I cannot recommend Alistair highly enough and I now see why his name came up so many times in conversation. Thank you so very much.”

“I have now moved away from Romsey but I still come back whenever I need assistance with my back – there is nobody like Alistair. Thanks for keeping me on track over the years and if you ever feel like relocating – you know where to come! I’d have queue ready for you!”

“I am really grateful to Alistair after a really bad episode of back pain, following falling from my horse, he diagnosed the problem. The chiropractic treatment was completely successful. I am now riding again with no pain, and have not needed to see him again, I have no doubt that with out his help I would still be suffering. He also advised me to see my doctor after taking my blood pressure, and I am now taking medication, rather reluctantly.”

SP, Salisbury

After putting up with excrutiating Sciatica pain for several weeks with only pain relieving drugs prescribed by my doctor ( which didn’t work) I was lucky enough to talk to someone who recommended Alistair Miller (Chiropractor) for a solution.

I was lucky enough to get a cancelled appointment a week earlier than the two week appointment I was initially given.

Dr Miller’s professionalism shone through immediately, giving me reassurance. After a consultation and first treatment (including acupuncture) and gentle manipulation, I limped home with a follow up appointment in 7 days. The next treatment, again using acupunture and more purposeful manipulation left me feeling I had really been put through the ringer. (To be fair Dr Miller did warn me!) Another week went by, the ‘bullet pain’ in my left buttock had disappeared, but I had terrible lower leg and ankle pain and could hardly walk. Another treatment after 7 days sent me home feeling pretty rough but only the leg pain to contend with. I made another appointment for 14 days later, and was advised that I might not need it, and could cancel if giving a couple of days notice.

I was much improved after 10 days and cancelled the appointment, and within another 7 days all my pain had subsided and I was able to walk properly for the first time in weeks. Dr Miller most certainly knew (no doubt through experience that this was likely to happen) and I shall never be able to thank him enough.

Not only did I get my problem resolved and my life back it also didn’t hurt my bank balance in the way I assumed it would.

Professional and reasonable, the perfect solution. I would recommend Dr Alistair Miller to anyone suffering with long term back problems.

DB, Romsey


“I’d like to pass my thanks on to all members of the clinic’s staff. You were helpful in finding me an appointment and looking after me on arrival – I was in a bit of a state!

But above all to Dr Miller. I have seen a number of Chiropractors over the years but his approach is so gentle and comes with good advice as to what to expect, which is reassuring when you are in so much pain and wonder how long you can go on for! I hope I am never in so much pain again but if I am, I know where to come! Thank you all so very much for your kindness and understanding.”

“In accord with previous testimonials, you are welcome to add mine. As one of his long term Romsey patients (and one of the oldest), I have received first class treatment from Alistair Miller over many years; even receiving excellent general medical advice. Many moons ago I visited other chiropractors. But now go nowhere else for resolving my occasional back and neck problems.

Visit Alistair and save much time and misery. Please do not prevaricate; call and make an appointment.”

RN, Romsey, 2019

“Alistair must never retire!”

“Thank you for your kindness, generosity and skill.”

“Many thanks for all your help and support in 2018. It means a lot to keep me going!”

“One word only – LEGEND!”

GM, 2019

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